Each horse with his own rider
Author: Jorge Lisandro Montiel


The most common mistake made by beginners is buying a horse without first knowing whether they´ll be able to control him or guide him.

It´s usually too late when they realize this and ask for advice about what to do with the horse in order to make him obbey.

The problem is always the same: EACH HORSE DEMANDS A CERTAIN KIND OF RIDER.

Why is this? It´s very simple; because it is too easy to break in a horse twice. What´s difficult to change is the rider´s personality.

Here´s where LEADERSHIP plays a big role

There exists really good persons, unappropiately termed "with a weak character", who won´t ever obtain a proper leadership over certain kind of horses.


But this is not bad on its own. On the contrary, being a good person is the máximum achievement that a human being can aspire to.

But, when it comes to acquire a horse, these good persons seek advice from specialists to choose a low- leadership horse... which exist indeed, and in big quantities.

Not everyone can manage or control every single kind of horse... Horses know this. It´s in their nature, because they are genetically programmed to be always on the seek to escalate in their hierarchical social system


I strongly recommend to unexperienced people seeking to acquire a horse for the first time, to buy a very tame one, from 10 years old onwards, who will only use two speeds: walk and trot, and which will need a wip strike in order to make him gallop.

When they have learnt to dominate the horse completely, having thus gained full leadership over him, then they´ll be perhaps ready to buy a definite horse.

The worst thing they can do is to buy a little colt "to grow together", or acquiring a young individual, 5 year´s old or less.

Take all the time you need to find your horse, he´ll be your friend for a long time if you choose the right one.

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